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Fundraising with Fuge!

At Fuge Sausage, we believe the best memories are those that are made around the table, enjoying amazing food with the ones you love. We are here to make that easier, with our sausage. Our sausage products make quick, flavourful meals that you can enjoy after those long days at the office, shuttling the kids around for activities or for a grilling session on the deck. We have a wide selection of pork, chicken and beef options that range from spicy to mild!

What you need to know for your fundraiser:

  • 30% of all sales generated by your fundraiser go directly to your organization!
  • We use a simple online ordering system for all our fundraisers. This eliminates any manual paperwork and makes it convenient and easy for your members to sumbit and pay for their orders.
  • Linked below is paper copy "Sell Sheet" that your members can use to sell products to their friends, co-workers, and extended family. Your members will then enter their total sales into the online form once they are done selling. On pickup day your members will be responsible for picking up all their items and distributing to their customers as applicable.
  • Please feel free to use any of our product pictures from our social media account or website to help you with your campaign.
  • Information such as product specifications, allergens, gluten or dairy friendly items can be found on the "Fundraising Product List" linked below.

Tips for a successful fundraiser:

  • Run your fundraisier for 10-14 days, this allows you to keep your members engaged and motivated.
  • Send out reminders through email, your organizations social media accounts or other available platforms to remind your members of the order submission deadlines, pick up dates and location details. We all need those reminders!
  • Be specific about what you are fundraising for - get your members engaged and excited.

Delivery and Distribution of order:

Once your fundraiser has closed we will send you a report detailing the orders received and the amount of FUNDS EARNED. (We can also provide an interim report too if you would like)

We will deliver the entire order to your location at the scheduled date and time. For smaller groups (30 participants or less) the orders will be individually sorted so that when we deliver your members can just grab their order and go. For larger groups (more than 30 participants) we will deliver the products in large coolers sorted by product type. Volunteers from the fundraising group will need to pick/sort the orders according to the participants order sheets. The volunteer group will need to ensure they have bags, boxes etc. to facilitate the order picking/sorting.

PLEASE NOTE! Our products will all be frozen upon delivery and the less time they sit out the better. It is important that fundraising groups are organized and have enough volunteers to efficiently pick/sort the orders. This allows us schedule delivery closer to the pickup time and reduce the amount of time that products are sitting out. That said if it's winter time we have Mother Nature's Freezer available to keep orders cold after they have been picked if needed.

We typically need two weeks to turn around a fundraising order and make sure we have enough product on-hand to fill all the orders.


Depending on the size of the fundraiser we will either send you an e-transfer or provide a cheque for the total funds earned. Payment will be made within 3-5 days of the closing date of the fundraiser.

To inquire about scheduling a fundraiser for your organization please contact us at info@fugesausage.ca or fill out the form below.

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