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Now delivering to Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St Albert, Spruce Grove, Leduc, Calgary, Airdrie

Our Sausage

You're probably wondering "what makes your sausage so great?" We're glad you asked, we love talking about our sausage...

It starts with what we put in them and what we don't!

Whole Muscle Proteins - You will never find any "trim" going into our products. The starting point for our sausages is whole muscle proteins, the same as you would buy to cook at home.

Artisan Flavour Creations - Crafted by Chef Steve Furgiuele our recipes go above and beyond to create unmatched flavour experiences.

No Additives or Fillers - We never use any fillers to bulk up our products.

Preservative Free & Gluten Free - Our sausages are free of nitrites and nitrates, We make products that we feel good eating with our families.

Next it's about how we do it!

Inspect for Quality - We inspect each cut of meat by hand and remove any unwanted bits that we woudn't want on our plate.

Small Batches - Bigger isn't always better, we make our products in small batches so we can ensure consistency of flavour and texture.

The Complete Bite

When you buy a Fuge Sausage, all of the flavours are in there for you, you just need to cook it.

There is careful preparation during the production process, the texture of each sausage is designed specifically to benefit its unique flavour profile. The sausage is seasoned and balanced to ensure the dynamic flavour is just right.

All of this so that the flavours hit your palate to work together in your mouth, for that complete bite.
Check out our shop for the full lineup of products that we offer. We also do some limited edition runs so if you want to be in the know about those be sure to subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom.
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