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Now delivering to Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St Albert, Spruce Grove, Leduc, Calgary, Airdrie

Our Story

We are a passionate team of entrepreneurs who love great food and really love great sausage! We get up everyday with a simple goal in mind, to make the absolute best sausages in the world(we said it was a simple goal, not a small one).Fuge Sausage is an Edmonton based premium saucisserie committed to the craft of sausage making. We pay tribute to the family traditions and craftsmanship that has been handed down to us and continue to carry those values forward. Our focus on taste, texture, and process creates unmatched flavour experiences. Our premium products are produced in small batches with a focus on quality throughout. Meats are sliced and inspected by hand, spices are toasted and ground in-house, fresh produce is acquired daily. This process enables us to consistently make amazing sausages for you to enjoy. All of our products are preservative free, gluten free, and contain no additives or fillers.

(Photo: L-R Steve Furgiuele Co-Owner/Founder, Braede Harris Co-Owner, Gavin Fedorak Co-Owner)

The History of Fuge

‘Fuge’ pronounced fooj has been Founder, Steve Furgiuele’s, nickname since grade two. His last name proved difficult to pronounce for people, so the nickname stuck and here we are.

(Photo: Founder Steve Furgiuele and his father in their home kitchen)

The Prelude. Shaping love for food, early inspirations from the Furgiuele family.

Steve’s father immigrated to Canada in 1961 from Calabria, Italy where he grew up around old timey values.

For Steve, food has always been the center of everything. Steve grew up in an “old Italian way” – the summer garden was massive and homemade wine plentiful. He realized very young what real food should taste like, right out of the garden. Every January during “pork season” all of the Italians in the neighbourhood would get together and make salami and sausage. The basements or cantinas at that time of year were the perfect temperature and humidity to hang meat to dry properly.

The Furgiuele family's motto has always been, “Eat good, because one day you might not be able to eat. Eat. Enjoy food while you can.”

Steve's family was always cooking. Friends would come over for dinner and guests were always wowed by the spread. The Furgiuele house was the place for food, gathering and story telling. Days centred around food and long “marathon” dinners was just normal life.

Steve was “forced” to help with all aspects of a meal (though he loved it) including grinding meat by hand. His grandmother loved to feed him and did not speak any English – so they communicated through food. Life was good. As Steve got older, all of the traditions, techniques, nuances and flavours began to mean more to him.

The Organic Creation of Fuge Fine Meat

Steve eventually made his way to Edmonton and joined the Culina group. There he was challenged to make sausage and charcuterie that was better than what they were getting from their suppliers.

It was down in the old dungeon basement of the Culina building where Steve created a makeshift nook with a humidifier and hygrometer and experimented making his own capicola. The response to his charcuterie creations as well as making sausages in the Culina restaurant kitchen made “Fuge Fine Meat” a reality.

Steve was determined to make the best Italian meats in town. This exploratory period of time was so fruitful and positive for Steve. Brad Lazerenko of Culina planted those seeds and gave Steve complete freedom to grow and challenge himself in a kitchen that wasn’t in his family home.

The Intermission

In 2018, Steve stepped away from Fuge Fine Meat and partnered up with Otto Food & Drink, this was time spent creating again and experimenting in the kitchen.

The Revival

The first time Gavin and Braede tried a Fuge sausage in 2017, they were instantly hooked.

Being in the Edmonton restaurant community, Gavin and Braede formed a friendship with Steve over the years, they all share a common love of food and community.

In mid-2022, some life-changing shifts happened and the timing was perfect to combine forces to revive what was previously Fuge Fine Meat, as Fuge Sausage.

With a combination of Steve’s undeniable talent and artistry, Gavin’s operational smarts and determination and Braede’s love for community and connection – Fuge is back. We are focused on what we all love – really amazing sausage.